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A smart market that continues history
| 1949 Development Market
The Guangfu Market, located in Lane 496, Section 4, Renai Road, directly opposite the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, dates back to the soldiers and family members of the 44th arsenal that moved to Taiwan by the Nationalist Government. Dependents’ villages, including Sisi South Village, Sisi West Village and Sisi East Village, etc., gradually developed due to daily necessities. In the past, Guangfu Market was also full of vendors.

| 1961 In-situ establishment
The land was expropriated by the Taipei City Government, and the vendors in the original site and the vendors in Sisi West Village were gathered together to form the Guangfu Market, which was opened in the same year.

| 2009 Refurbish
After nearly 50 years of formal operation of the original market building, considering the old building, in line with the Taipei City Government’s "Clean and Bright Traditional Market New Style Project", it was refurbished to the scale and appearance of the current reinforced concrete building and became a public traditional retail in Taipei City. One of the demonstration markets.

| 2012 Star certification
Participated in the "Lohas Vegetable Market Competitiveness Enhancement Project" administered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and won the 2 star certification of Excellent Market in 87 traditional markets and 738 stalls across the country.

| 2018 Refreshed
After structural reinforcement, pipeline renewal, drainage improvement, and the comprehensive introduction of electronic payment systems, Guangfu Market has completely transformed into a neat, bright and clean market, becoming the best place for local housewives to buy.